Are you working on a Healthcare research project or startup?

The poster session will be held during the conference on 24 February 2017. It is a great opportunity to share your research and receive feedback from the interdisciplinary audience from the healthcare industry that attends conference. Posters should communicate how your work is innovative and should be accessible to a broad audience including academia, industry, and government. Posters should highlight research in topics relevant to the healthcare industry and the conference theme. Research projects and start-ups with applications in healthcare are both encouraged to participate in the poster session.

Presenters will receive free admission to the conference and prizes will be awarded to the top three posters. The poster deadline is 13 February 2017. Poster abstracts will be accepted beginning in January on a rolling basis. We encourage you to apply as early as possible in case the session fills up.

Important dates
Abstract submission deadline - February 13, 2017
Poster presentation – February 24, 2017


Q:  Do I have to print my poster?
A:  Yes. Each poster presenter is responsible for printing his/her poster.

Q:   Does the poster have to be about a technology that is already in the market?
A:  No. The poster can be about a technology that has a market potential or even a concept, which is scientifically promising and relevant to the theme of the conference.

Q:  Does my poster have to present research with conclusive/relatively established results?
A:  No. Initial ideas and preliminary data can also be presented as a poster.

Q:  Can I send another person affiliated with the project to present my findings?
A:  Yes, as long as the person is or was part of the research project.

Q:  If I am presenting a poster, do I have to pay the registration fee?
A:  No, you do not have to pay the registration fee for the conference. If you are presenting a poster at the SHBC conference, you get a free ticket to attend the conference.

Q:  How long should my poster abstract be?
A:  The poster abstract should not be more than 1500 words.

Q:  What is the main criterion for poster abstract selection?
Clarity - The objectives of the research presented are clearly described.
Significance - The objectives of the research make a significant contribution to the area of healthcare
Methods - The methods used (including the design, implementation, and analysis) are appropriate to achieving the objectives of the research.
Presentation - The abstract is logical, interesting, clearly written, and free of grammatical or typographical errors

Q:  What should be the size of my poster?
A:  The poster should be 48” x 36”

Q:   What are some good poster guidelines?
1.     Important information should be readable from about 10 feet away
2.    Title is short and draws interest
3.    Text is clear and to the point
4.    Use of bullets, numbering, and headlines make it easy to read
5.    Effective use of graphics, color and fonts
6.    Consistent and clean layout
7.     Includes acknowledgments, your name and institutional affiliation

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