System Design Panel

Is the regulatory design of the healthcare ecosystem limiting its potential or safeguarding it from the inherent costs of trial-and-error innovation?





Dr. Emad Rizk

President and Chief Executive Officer, Cotiviti

Dr. Emad Rizk joined Cotiviti in August 2016 and serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. A seasoned and renowned healthcare industry senior executive, Dr. Rizk brings to this role more than 25 years of experience working closely with payers, providers, and government entities. Most recently, he served as CEO of Accretive Health and was also a member of its Board of Directors. Prior to Accretive Health, Dr. Rizk was President of McKesson Health Solutions, a business that provides clinical and financial solutions to healthcare payers. Read more.


Esther Abels

VP Regulatory & Clinical Affairs and Strategic Business Development, PathAI

Esther Abels graduated in Biomedical Health Science, toxicology. Experienced in clinical validation studies used for regulatory purposes in USA, Europe and Asia. Has a background in bridging R&D, Proof of Concept and socio economics studies. Was Clinical Research Scientist and Global Clinical Trial Manager for pivotal regulatory studies in both pharma and biotech. Worked and lived in NL as well as USA prior to relocating to Boston USA to join PathAI in 2018. She played a crucial role in the Digital Pathology Association (DPA) Regulatory and standards Taskforce and FDA collaborations. The successful outcome was that WSI for primary diagnosis was recommended to become a class II instead of class III device in the United States. Read more.


Dr. Tara Grabowsky

Chief Medical Officer, HVH Precision Analytics

Dr. Tara Grabowsky is an expert in the field of healthcare analytics. She served for five years as the Chief Medical Officer at HVH Precision Analytics. She worked for over a decade as an internist in academic, underserved, and private practice settings. In 2014, she transitioned from practice to her career in healthcare analytics. She writes posters, articles, and blog posts and speaks frequently. She has won numerous teaching awards for her instruction of Harvard medical students, interns, and residents. She worked previously for Johnson & Johnson in its regulatory affairs department. She graduated with honors from Dartmouth College, attended Stanford Medical School, and completed her internal medicine residency at Harvard’s Brigham and Women's Hospital.




Cliff Cavanaugh

Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Healthjump

Cliff Cavanaugh is a developer turned executive who has been working exclusively on healthcare tech since 2005. He has created custom software products for all sizes of medical institutions including large hospital systems to small private practices. He has pioneered several visionary solutions in the healthcare space including analytics products, cost-saving SaaS as well as robust client-server software. Currently, he is Founder and CTO of Healthjump, a company with the mission of making the health data available to all members of the care continuum. Cliff also co-founded DataTrade Solutions, a provider of Health IT services to thousands of providers via health systems and practices across the U.S.; DataTrade Solutions was sold in 2015. Read more.