Panel 1: Identifying and exploring promising discoveries

Bringing together academics and successful entrepreneurs, this panel explores recent trends in starting a healthcare venture. Panelists will discuss their perspectives on topics such as leading indicators for successful start-ups, barriers to entry, and early financing. Learn about what it takes to go from idea / opportunity to start-up and the unique challenges entrepreneurs face in the healthcare industry.


Panel 2: Finding the right partners at the right time

Founders' ability to bring innovations to market is highly dependent on navigating a challenging healthcare environment, marked by evolving payment models and financing hurdles. As a result, collaboration across the spectrum of stakeholders – universities, providers, startups, established biopharma companies, VCs and funders – seems to be a fundamental driver of success now more than ever. Panelists will provide insight on how to spark effective partnerships and raise funding to materialize innovation. The participants, with experiences reflecting the diversity of the involved stakeholders, will explore recent trends and strategic considerations for effective partnership, including choosing timing, navigating options for funding, sourcing and evaluating opportunities, and executing the collaboration.



Panel 3: Launching Personalized Medicine – Gene and Cell Therapy and Next Generation Therapuetics

Treatments are no longer a one-size-fits all prescription. Because patient experience is becoming equally important to patient outcome, scientists are harnessing the power of an individual’s DNA to enter the new frontier of medicine with personalized care using cell and gene therapy. Given the discoveries made to date, companies are at a critical juncture in bringing personalized care to patients. With this backdrop, this panel will explore the key decisions and challenges inherent in scaling ground-breaking personalized treatments and therapies.


Panel 4:  The Future of Innovation in Healthcare and Biopharma

Scientific and technological innovation continuously accelerate, rapidly transforming the Healthcare landscape. Prenatal diagnostic, personalized medicine, In Home care, are increasingly part of our reality. This panel explores the opportunities and risks of the expected breakthrough, and proposes a reflection on some critical challenges to face in the coming years. Virtually every aspect of our lives will soon become digital, including health. Access to patient data is becoming more convenient with the proliferation of connected devices and is driving hopes for earlier, more efficient, and targeted treatments. However, this convenience adds to the already high cost of care. In this context, balancing innovation, privacy, and sustainability will be key. The foreseen shift toward preventative, out of hospital care, will also reinforce the role of caregivers and patients themselves, more involved than ever in their healthcare pathways. To draw a comprehensive picture, this panel brings together leaders of the insurance, regulation, academia, industry, and patient advocacy world.




Panel: Genomics and Personalized Medicine in Biotech and Medical Devices
10:30 - 11:30 AM, MPR

Individuals are seeking more personalized care. Advancements in genetic sequencing, companion diagnostics, and biomarker identification, as well as an increased understanding of disease heterogeneity, have pushed personalized medicine and genomics to the forefront. Personalized medicine and genomics tout many potential benefits, such as providing patients targeted, effective care and reducing unnecessary healthcare costs and adverse drug interactions. As such, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies are investing in the development of personalized therapies. With the industry poised for rapid growth, this panel explores the outlook and future potential for personalized medicine and targeted therapies.

Panel: Patient Activation through Digital Consumer Health
2:00 - 3:00 PM, MPR

Individuals are also consumers of healthcare. As consumers, we are taking greater control over our own health by relying on technology and partnering with our providers to make decisions about our healthcare. From behavioral modification apps to health tracking devices and telemedicine, integrated digital health technologies are activating patients and engaging the consumer. To that end, companies in mobile tech, electronics, and high tech are seeking to redefine how the connected consumer engages with and manages his or her own health. This consumer health panel brings together leaders in the industry to explore the future prospects and challenges of increasing consumer engagement.

Panel: Providers, Payers and Policy Makers Digitizing Population Health Management
3:15 - 4:15 PM, MPR

As more and more individual genomic and consumer data goes digital, healthcare stakeholders now have access to promising new threads of knowledge. On one hand, innovative researchers are using digital health technologies to reimagine how to better manage public health. On the other hand, the application of technology to healthcare administration has been slow and painful. With the ACA mandating (encouraging) the widespread use of EHRs and data management, and with analytics techniques rapidly advancing, true population health management is just around the corner. This panel brings together experts from both academia and industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities around digitizing population health management.